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Hello World πŸ‘‹ It's 2021 and we should be spending time on what matters most to us!

Ramesh MhetreRamesh Mhetre

Ramesh Mhetre

Hello πŸ‘‹

My name is Ramesh, I'm the creator of BannerPot!

With this welcome blog, I'm going to tell our little story about how BannerPot born πŸ‘Ά

I've a personal blog where I often write some technical stuff. Whenever I create some content I always had to search for the image online to post along, which was a big problem for me. Personally, I always prefer to have all the images in the brand colors. it was always hard to find those images online & I did not wanted to put my energy for learning new skill to create those images by myself.

Initially I thought of automating that part of getting images and started looking for some handy solution which I can use easily. There was nothing available at that time & the ideaπŸ’‘ stuck with me . Thanks to multiple months long lockdown in Germany, I had a lot of free time to finally fiddle around this idea and make a business case out of it.

Since I have my full time job, I decided to pursue this idea as a side thing & started building the prototype during my month long vacation in the end of 2020.

Today on this day, the BannerPot is ready to use πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

Along the way I have learned many thing and I'm really proud of my journey.

If you are considering to give it a try, I would be happy to assist.


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